Framed shower enclosures

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Framed shower enclosures are the most common type of shower enclosures that add value to your home, create a clean upscale look, and are easy to maintain. They are framed all around the glass including top, bottom and all sides. Framed showers provide a much more contemporary look than regular bathtubs. The frames are available in many finishes, as well a variety of glass options and hardware. Our technicians will work with you to find the right products to match your style and budget.Sliding, or bypass door shower enclosures are a practical solution for tight spaces. Sliding shower is a great addition if space is limited in your bathroom. 

Sliding doors usually come in two or three sections and use the least amount of space. They glide in a track, both at top and bottom. Sliding doors are attractive and are easy to care for. They are also frequently mounted over bathtubs because of the length of the opening. They require a space at least twice the width of one door. Call us today and our technicians will work with you to design the right shower enclosure that fits your space and budget.

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