Glass Table Tops Applications

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We at VIGA GLASS don't believe in impeccable homes. We believe in homes that have an impeccable impression of those that live inside. Where everything looks the way you need it to, works the way you require it to, and most especially makes you feel great without costing a fortune.

VIGA GLASS offers glass table top replacement in a wide range of sizes, shapes and glass thickness. Reach us today to get an estimate; we will work with you in selecting the glass style, thickness, and different choices for your home or office needs.

Glass table tops can offer a one of a kind and functional component to any modern themed office space or home. With regards to interior designers, the choice of material is of great importance.  Particularly it is easy to watch over glass tops and can be utilized as a standalone piece or as protection when put on top of a collectible or profitable wooden surface. Glass is a likewise practical answer for restoring an existing table top because of harm or spills.

If you're new to the world of interior designing, you might start thinking: Why should I need glass tops for office furniture?

For those that are new or beginners, you would need glass tops for office furniture for these three essential reasons.

Basically, glass tops for office furniture shield them from all the work you do on them. If you are like some persons you may like to have food or drinks on your office furniture, and mistakenly you spill your beverages on your furniture, this can mess up the look of your furniture.  With glass tops,   your investments will be protected by installing thick glass on them. 

Feel (Aesthetics):
From an interior design point of view, glass tops are one of the least complex yet best approach to enhance the presence of your home or business office. Office furniture is one of the points of attention of any office environment, and there's very little you can do enhance their appearance, other than coloring. Not just will glass tops make them look more polished and cleaned, they can even increase the beauty of the surfaces of your office furniture.


Development (Innovation):
Don't you need to be a trendsetter or an innovator? Introducing glass top for office furniture is a groundbreaking move that shows you're focused on quality. To your items or administrations, as well as everything that accompanies them. Whenever clients or potential new representatives see your furniture, they will have an impression of your dedication to brilliance in all areas of business.

So many people put resources into quality bits of furniture for their homes and workplaces that are proposed to endure forever. The truth for most is that general wear and tear and scratches and imprints are practically unavoidable.

A glass table top is a way to protect the wood. Rather than furniture looking worn out and shabby for  years of usage, a glass table top keeps furniture looking pretty much as new as the day you purchased it.


Assurance or
Protection from Harsher materials

The fundamental reason for a glass top is protection. Since wood is a natural material, it is actually flexible and very delicate in contrast with harsher artificial materials. This implies that things such as bowls, plates, and paperclips, can all leave wood furniture imprinted and scratched.

The advantage of shielding wood furniture from scratches and imprints is that it reduces the cost of your expenses. If you want to take care of your wood table without worrying about scratches and dent. A glass top is itself entirely scratch safe and you do not need to be disturbed about scratches and dent. The implication is that it will take many years bеfоrе уоu need to rерlасе thе glass.


Chіld-Frіеndlу Tаblеѕ Children are an awesome part of everybody's life, except they do have the tendency at testing their innovative genius on the things that we don't need them to. Regardless of what number of sheets of paper you put on the play table, it appears that pastels and markers look better off on the table itself! A simple and economical approach to saving this situation is to put in place a glass top.  As a glass top, markers, pencils can be cleaned out easily. Harsher chemicals are good on glass top than on wood for removal of stains.


Bringing Out
The Best Of Your Wood

An additional advantage of putting glass tops on your furniture is that it really upgrades and enhances the look of the wood wrap up. A glass table top makes your wood grain seem more rich and glossier. This can positively affect the apparent estimation of your furniture as low-quality wood grains seem more lavish. A glass top is a great investment that will last longer.

There are really are no limits when it comes to glass top these days, and it is possible to get what your heart desires when it comes to using glass top  within the interior of your home. If you wish to install any within your own home then the best place to start is by visiting  VIGA GLASS who can provide what you want and ask for their advice

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