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At VIGA GLASS we provide Wall mirrors: This is a full length usually mounted on the wall and have a lot of advantages that others pattern of mirrors do not, it enable you to get a full image of your entire body without having to take any door space. A wall mirror can add a touch of spice and class to any room.

Vanity mirrors:
This is a common mirror used to check your appearance, apply makeup, and a lot more to aid you in looking your best. This comes in different shapes, sizes, framed and frameless patterns. Some even have light to help you get the best reflection of yourself as possible.

Custom mirrors:
As the name implies, mirrors are being customized to individual taste. Each individual has an idiosyncratic nature or a flair for something which is quite different from others point of view. Hence, VIGA GLASS help you achieve that.

Medicine cabinets:
This can act as a part of your decoration because they are stylish and well crafted, they also aid in reducing cutters in grooming space and also help in the effective organization of essentials.

Mirrored wardrobe doors:
Find a perfect mirror wardrobe doors with us. 

Let VIGA GLASS aid you in adding style class and sophistication to any room with custom mirrors. We have mirrors available in 1/4" and 1/8" and flat polished and bevelled edge. Mirrors are a great way to enhance lighting and make areas in your home or office appear roomy.

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