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VIGA GLASS is an expert  in home window glass replacement, insulated glass window replacement, and kind of window glass replacement service.

If you need home window glass replacement then look no further, VIGA GLASS specializes in home window glass replacement, including insulated window glass. No construction mess. No need to paint. No need to varnish. No need to replace frames or sashes, just the glass. Our Low Energy kind of glass is an efficient glass, a great way to improve the look of your home and make it more energy efficient.

Our Window Glass Replacement services include:

•      Insulated patio door glass replacement
•      Storm window glass replacement
•      Door lite glass replacement, both laminated glass and tempered glass

At VIGA GLASS, we offer a discount for multiple windows at the same location. We have been replacing window glass for  the Northern Virginia area for over 15years, giving quality customer experience. Why over spend buying new windows when you can just replace the glass? We replace your broken or fogged window glass with top quality glass, increasing your home’s value and its energy efficiency!

VIGA GLASS  provides complete glass and glazing solutions as well as comprehensive door, window and frame systems.

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To learn more about our window glass replacement services you can contact us today or request for a quote

EarthWise Windows models


The Eclipse window line is the premium Earthwise replacement window line. It includes double hung, two part and three part sliders and picture windows. When configured with its most popular option, the Comfortec Package, the Eclipse line will meet the 2010 Energy Star standards in all 50 states. With its heavy walled construction, equal light sashes, six layer weather-stripping, recessed tilt latches and finely sculpted frame and sashes it is easy to see why the Eclipse is rated one of the finest replacement windows available.



The Solaris window line is the midgrade Earthwise window line. It includes double hung, single part and three part sliders and picture windows. Originally designed as an upgraded new construction product it has become a proven performer in its revamped replacement window role. Featuring many of the same options available on the Eclipse line the Solaris will qualify for Energy Star 2010 status in most regions of the country. It is a great alternative for the value minded purchaser of fine vinyl windows.



The Horizon window line is the basic Earthwise window line. It includes single hung, single vent and three part sliders and picture windows. Available in new construction and replacement configurations, Horizon windows can offer excellent thermal and structural properties. Although they lack some of the ease of maintenance features of other Earthwise products, their limited operation means fewer moving parts and ensures they will be a durable product in more demanding applications.



The Aurora window line includes casement, awning and picture window styles. These are high performance products rated at DP 50 or above. They feature multi point locking systems, washability or egress hinges and powerful, easy to operate cranking hardware. Because of the considerable stresses applied to the projected windows, RJT offers extensive reinforcement in both sash and frame. The Aurora is one of the few projected windows that offer triple weather seals as standard. These windows are rated as premium product in either replacement or new construction application.


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